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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

january 2011 dailies


Twelfth Night - 5

International Respect for Living Day - 6

National Smith Day - 6 For all the "SMITH" out there

I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day - 7
*doesn't matter who says it, how it is said , the message is still the same~
Stand firm, stand strong and refuse to be a victim any longer.
Today is the day to assert to the world that you are not going to take it any longer!

Organize Your Home Day - 7
Over 1000 plus ideas

National Bubble Bath Day -8
Not just for the kids~

National Show and Tell Day at Work -8

Balloon Ascension Day - 9

International Thank you Day - 11
Printing Ink Day - 11 

National Pharmacist Day - 12
National Clean Off Your Desk Day -14
Lots of links for several ways and idea to tackle the job

National Humanitarian Day - 15

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day - 15

Thank God It's Monday Day - 17

National Religious Freedom Day - 16

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) - 17

National Get to Know Your Customer Day - 17

Judgment Day - 17

Maintenance Day - 18

International Sing-Out Day - 19
And other links

National Penguin Awareness Day - 19

Inauguration Day - 20

World Religion Day - 20

Philately Day - January 20

National Hugging Day - 21
Read Mark 10:13-16. Jesus Hugged !!!
Squirrel Appreciation Day - 21

Answer Your Cat's Question Day - 22

Celebration of Life Day - 22

Speak Up and Succeed Day - 22
Great ways to get started

Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gizmos Day - 22

National Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day - 23

National Compliment Day - 23

National School Nurse Day - 23

First Canned Beer Day -24(First beer canned 1-24-1935 Richmond, VA)

"Just Do It" Day - 24

Women's Healthy Weight Day - 24
and the network

A Room of One's Own Day - 25

Fun At Work Day - 25
with some more great fun

Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement - 26

Vietnam Day - 27

National Activity Professionals Day - 27
Just afew ideas

Thomas Crapper Day - 27 (or National Toilet Day!)

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - 28
About the "pop" culture

Carnation Day - 29

Free Thinker's Day - 29
Top 10 Reasons

National Puzzle Day - 29
How to find Fun ways to learn

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day - 31

Friday, October 8, 2010


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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Causes for those aches and pains!

I recomend the following book.

After you order your own copy Check Your Symptoms here while you wait.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christmas is Almost Here~

Everything BARBIE

Christmas time is just around the corner and what little girl doen't think of getting something for her favorite first doll ~ BARBIE. 

TONKA Always Endures

And for the Boys, the Tonka toys are still around and have been for several generations!

Amazon Purchase came in !

Just bought this and can't wait to use it.  Am planning to start  making some simple gifts to give away and even sell. 

Just became an associate for AMAZON  so fill free to use this link to buy and help me make some money...Thanks

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stumbling "Grandparents"

Ten Rules for being a Grandparent has alot of common sense ~ And three more

Dealing with all the Social Media , Facebook, My Space, and the others.

Grandparent Syndrome is catchy

the Grandparent Project sounds pretty fun

Grandparent relationship is a good blog to follow


Death is part of Life

new look for the GRAND magazine, or the DIGEST

sound advice

A network for the grandparents

the Healthy Grandparent Project

Articals on eHow with afew more and yet another list of links

Come to the CAFE

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation 2010 the 6th day (again posting about yesterday-thurs- the 12th)

Everyone up early to go watch gabby at the middle school volleyball try outs. Won't know if she makes the team untill next week ~ got my fingers crossed. She sure doesn't like all the picture taking.

From the school,went to the salon to get our hair done~yep, even me! Got the split ends removed, and hair thinned out. Feels so much better and lots lighter.

Gab got her's to look like "Bella" of "twilight" (check out the pictures in the FB hair cut album) with the purple high light.

Jaz got a lot cut off with a streak of purple. Jamie got a trim.

Layer in the afternoon, went to the elementary school which my youngest grand will be starting kindergarten (a 5 year old rite of passage!) Also ran into a old childhood friend of jamie's- "Faye" and her family.

Home for dinner and fell asleep in front of tv!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation 2010 5th day Wed- 11th (yesterday)

Again, to tired to post last night~so here is yesterday's happenings

Man these all day shopping trips really tires a person out. I always like the window shopping at a few stores ~but almost every store!

Was something to watch my 12 year old granddaughter do her own bargain hunting and interacting with the sales people~and they weren't even looking over @ momma anytime during the sale! This girl knows just what she is looking for and wants. Even the youngest is a pro~will carry ALL her purchases all by her self. Would always pipe up with a "NOPE" when grandma offered to carry some of her bags!

Did do some bargain shopping at the local GoodWill down on August Rd and had lunch at "Sarah's Kitchen" this pace has good home made food~I and lots of other taxi drivers eat there. (I did a lot when driving a cab years ago)

Then spent most of the day at Heywood Mall looking around, never did make it to CherryDale Mall, but had fun doing a all girl's day!

My favorite store had to be the "Build A Bear" where both girls got new bears.

All in all we had a good day! Now this morning is off to watch oldest grand try out for school volley ball team
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation 2010 4th Day (YESTERDAY-the 10/Tues) 7am

Was really worn out yesterday, never got to post the day's activities , but did get loads of photos up on my FB page. UNFORTUALY was having trouble with the BlackBerry and couldn't get connected to FB or the blog (untill now~just got back up and running.)

Lets see, yesterday was one long day with the two granddaughters. Son in law Mike drove the three of us girls to downtown Greenville, dropping us off at the Children's Museum Only spent afew hours there before heading out to downtown (check the middle photo~we crossed that bridge! )

Falls Park

Falls Park on the Reedy River offers an oasis in the heart of downtown Greenville's historic West End. The park features a one-of-a-kind curved suspension walking bridge, scenic overlooks, outdoor amphitheaters, world-class works of public art, picnic areas, nature trails, garden areas, and of course, the beautiful Reedy River and its impressive series of waterfalls. It is a beloved destination to all, especially on sunny days, and features numerous events and festivals throughout the year.

After crossing the river bridge and playing in the water, went to do some mini golf. Did start raining so stayed till Jamie and Mike picked us up for dinner and the Drive Game celebrating Greenville's 179th Birthday.

Still have lots more photos on the camera....yep, grandma brought a backup! Can't get those up on FB untill I get back home to fla.

Think we are going shopping ~ a girl's day out....so will see you later!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation 2010 3rd day Monday 4:15pm

Spent all day watching the "Charmed" marathon with the two granddaughters.

Plans for tonight are "Meet & Greet" for the oldest grand girl's school. Then to a scout meeting.
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